Pseudo Spiritualism

You know I have spent many years studying and researching questions of the spirit and spirituality. During those years I have seen things you could not even imagine and I have also experienced things I still do not have an explanation for. However, I have also gotten very good at seeing the forest through the trees. You could say I have almost gained a sixth sense when it comes to differentiating real spiritual experiences verses what I call pseudo-events or more often than not psuedo-spirituality. It actually drives me crazy when I see people falling for fallacies, actions, and lies which literally have no basis in spirituality.

We live about an hour away from what I consider the upcoming capital of false spiritualism in the world. I see people get sucked into the idea that they are expanding their consciousness and most of the time what I see is they are being lead by someone named Bevakooph who use to be named Bob or Jason from Canada until they realized they could make money by selling false spirituality to the guillible millennials who think they have found nirvana by dancing in the jungle while high. These people they are following are not Gurus. It’s a party being peddled by charlatans as an awakening.

Folks we have seen all of this before. The Spiritual Movement and the New Age movement were both full of false prophets and gurus leading the herds of those searching for more. Many of them did not find the awakening of their spirits. Many found the emptying of their ATM’s. In cases, such as group like the Heavens Gate, people even lost their lives.

Time and time again I hear about the antics of this place in the jungle. I hear how it is being marketed and peddled to those who are reaching that point in their lives when they are looking for something more. It is understandable when you reach a certain age. I get that. There is also a lot to be said about growth and learning. We should attempt to expand our horizons.

Here is a word of advice. Spirituality is not found in places or things. Spirituality is something you find from within. You control your energy from within yourself and how that energy reacts to the energy from the world around you is completely up to you and your state of mind. Licking a psychedelic frog and listening to EDM music in the jungle might make you think you have found the answers to life, but the truth is you are probably deceiving yourself. This is not the same as the Native American tribes who practice the Peyote ceremony. I have a friend who is a Road Woman who would explain the vast differences in these things.

I see these young adults go into the jungle looking happy and healthy. A few months later we see them come out of the jungle looking tired, strung out, spent and aged way beyond their years. True spirituality does not age you. True spirituality lifts you up, invigorates you and your life. Don’t follow the false crowd with their drums, gongs, music, drugs and more. If it feels like a party it is a party and not a ceremony. I promise you that. They are selling a lie.

Being a Jungle Hippie is a fad which holds very little spiritual value or truth. If that is what you want then by all means lick a frog and dance to your hearts content. Just do not try to convince me it is you getting in touch with your spirit and your energy because you would be talking to someone who knows better.

Author: stevenlachanceauthor

Steven LaChance has been called one of the most prolific supernatural writers of this generation. In 2007, he released the bestselling non-fiction, The Uninvited, which detailed the true story of his own personal experiences living in the infamous Screaming House. In 2010, he released the ground breaking short story collection, Crazy. In 2014, Steven released the long awaited sequel to, The Uninvited, which completed the two book Screaming House series, titled Blessed are the Wicked. Crazy: A Prayer for the Dead, is the full length version of the Truck Stop Hell story from the short story collection. Confrontation with Evil, examines the 1949 St. Louis Exorcism case, the same case the blockbuster film, The Exorcist, was based upon.The book is based upon Steven's over a decade of research into this horrifying case and will reveal new insight and evidence never before shared with the public. Steven has appeared on numerous television and radio programs worldwide. He has been a featured guest on Fox News Mike & Juliet Show, Fox News, NBC News, CBS News, Travel Channel, Chiller, CNN, Destination America, the Discovery Channel, plus many more worldwide. Steven has also worked on the popular television series, Supernatural.

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