The Time is Now

What would your reaction be if I told you that you were going to die in a year? No seriously what if you only had a year to live? What would you do if it was true? Who would you want to see? Where you want to travel? What would you want to do you have not done yet? What is on your bucket list? Do have a list are you living by the seat of your pants?

The fact is you are going to die. We are all going to die. It is the one absolute that without a doubt I can promise you. Every single moment you are inching closer and closer to your final breath, the final beat of your heart, your ultimate demise. The truth is this could be your last year, month, week, day, hour or even minute of living. Someone just died while I was typing this.  So just what in the hell are you waiting for? A bucket list is something you put in the drawer somewhere and forget. A bucket list is for dreaming and quite frankly the clock is ticking and you do not have time for dreams. You need to plan for now and actually do.

Live. Do the things you want now and stop acting like you are going to live forever because you are not. Now is the time to dance in the moonlight. Now is the time to swim naked in the ocean. Now is the time to jump out of a plane or ride in a ballon. Now is the time to do and see everything you possibly can. Do it now because next year is not guaranteed.

This is the one thing I can promise you. You only get one single time limited life. There are no guarantees. Live like you are going to die tomorrow because you never know when your time going to run out. Take this from a guy who has already died once. It can all be gone in an instant.

So live now.


Today is my Heart Birthday

Five years ago today I went through a life changing and prolonging open heart surgery. At the point when they did the surgery, I could feel the blood actually gurgle from the restriction as it flowed through my heart. I had prepared myself for the worst and was willing to accept the final outcome whatever it may be.

I had a total of five artery grafts in my heart. One of the minor grafts collapsed last year, but it was by and far the least important and does not hurt the overall health of the heart at all. However, the other four major grafts are extremely healthy and are working great. Five years later and I am in better health than I have been in for a very long time. I live a very active and full life. I consider today a birthday of sorts. In some very literal ways, I was reborn on this day back in 2011. 

If you are currently experiencing chest pains, shortness of breath, fatigue, swelling of feet and/or hands, nausea and more, this is your body telling you something is wrong and you need to get it checked out. For example, when I was first diagnosed I thought I had pneumonia. However, many times heart disease is a silent killer without much warning so a check up with a stress test is always a great idea. For women read about the warning signs because many times your symptoms will be very different from men.

The point is, there have been great advances in diet, medication, and surgery to deal with heart disease. It no longer needs to be the death sentence it once was considered. All it requires from you is to be proactive about your health. If you are having unexplained symptoms or just not feeling well overall get it checked out. For those without symptoms get your checkups, eat low fat and carb diets, quit smoking if you smoke, limit your alcohol consumption, and most importantly keep that heart pumping with exercise. Ride a bike, walk, or do what I do which is a combination of things. I row, walk, and ride a bike four days a week. It works. Currently, I see my cardiologist once every three months. I see him not because I am doing badly, but because my positive life changes and choices have caused the need to slowly reduce the amount of medication it takes to keep me living a healthy, happy life. That is the best reason to see the doctor. Trust me.