Expat Internet: The Downside

I have decided not to participate anymore in any of the Expat boards online. I have not found one of these boards to be truly helpful over the past year during our transition to Mexico. In some cases, I have even found them to be full of false misinformation and whiney people asking stupid questions they could find the answers for if they would just do a little research of their own. I swear expat should mean you do not know how to freaking Google.

Most of these Expat boards are full of people who do nothing more than to wait for someone to say something to argue about. I actually had someone argue with me once about Home Depot having subway tile or not. Another time I had someone wanting to argue with me about how much our electric bill should be. Seriously, like most everything on the internet these Expat boards are negative in so many ways and feed on bad energy. Here in Mexico I see people behaving horribly and then turn around acting like they are some type of spiritual guru and let me tell you the love and light from these types runs very freaking thin. Here is some advice for anyone moving to another country.

1. Do not join an Expat board.
2. Learn to Google and do your own research.
3. Get out of your Expat area and actually see what is available in your city.
4. If you want to know where pickles and peanut butter are sold in your area get your ass to the local store and figure it out.

Seriously, you would think after moving to another country Expats would be more independent and self sufficient. Trust me when I tell you this is not the case at all. If anything they become more dependent and behave much like spoiled children.

The best advice is to find the information sites. The Two Expats board for here in Quintana Roo is a great help and Everything Playa Del Carmen is as well. These are not chat boards or groups. These are information sites and are very good at what they do and will give you useful, truthful information. You can find these type of sites by just googling your location. If you find a site and it shows conversing among members then find another one. You want information not conversation. Anytime you put something up for discussion it never ends well. Hope this helps.

Enough said.


No Spiritual Uniform or Age Required.

Just because I do not have a man bun and I wear polo shirts does not mean I am not and cannot be spiritual in nature and practice. I have seen and experienced things of a more spiritual nature than most posing Bhagwan wannabe’s have seen in their lives and are likely to ever see. I am still on my journey and it is always exciting and you never know where it will take you.

There is a portion of the Millennial generation who believe they have a corner market on spirituality and spiritualism. You are not spiritual because it is the “IN” thing to do. Spirituality has nothing to with the clothes your wear or your hairstyle. Spirit calls to you from your inside and has very little to do with what is on the outside. You have a spiritual calling.

I am blessed to know many “real” spiritual people who I consider true friends. You know who you are because I only am friends with people I admire and respect. If you are a spiritual friend you are one because I believe in you.

The downside is I have also noticed there are a whole lot of spiritual posers out there right now in the world. Do not be fooled by those pretending to be something they are not or incapable of being. In the spiritual world you will see this in many forms. Look for those who are genuine. You will find them. They are there. The key is to for you to be as genuinely spiritual on the inside as you can be in your own life and others like you will attract. There is no spiritual uniform or age required.

Mission Life

What is the real danger of getting involved in the paranormal too deeply? Recently I saw a facebook post along this line. There were a whole lot of answers spanning everything from demons to people. The conversation went back and forth from one topic to the next and it struck me that not one person mentioned what would be the most dangerous aspect of someones participation.
What is that danger you may ask? Well we all are going to die. So in reality we will all have the answers about death and dying in the end. The danger in spending your every waking free moment thinking about the dead and dying is that you become dead within yourself as well. If you dispense all of your energy dealing the dead you will forget about living. I promise you this.
Why would someone spend so much time and energy focusing on the answers held onto by the dead? Everyone single one of us will get those answers eventually. What you should be doing here is living and learning how to get the most out of living.
This is exactly what I have been doing for almost two years now and the focus keeps redefining and I have found there are some great spiritual things about living. The living spirit is an amazing thing and I have found the more I have focused upon it not only the more spiritually open I am becoming but I am learning there are some very powerful lessons within the living spirit. These lessons are not ones anyone is going to learn focusing on the dead.
Live and enjoy life. Focus on your mind and spiritual connection with the world around you. That is your true life mission. Live and enjoy the present. If you believe in the laws of attraction you will understand that if you focus on the dead you will draw nothing but dead energy into your life. If you focus on the living you will draw in powerful living and spiritual energy. If you want a life changing experience learn to get everything out of the moments of living. It will change you life I promise. It has changed mine. I no longer have time for the dead because I am too busy living.