The Exorcism of Roland Doe

I am in a new Shock Doc for the Travel Channel about the case which inspired the film, The Exorcist.

THE EXORCISM OF ROLAND DOE (Two-Hour Shock Docs Special)

UPDATE: No Exorcism of Roland Doe tonight October 27, but this is not bad news. The network saw the shows and were very excited about them and wanted to give them great promotion. So stay tuned for the premiere dates. This is exciting news but the downside we have to wait a bit longer to see them. I am very excited and proud of my participation in the Exorcism of Roland Doe. So we have to wait a little bit longer but this is good news because they are going to make the premiere a bigger event. Stay tuned.

Here is the surprise I have been sitting on since May. I am in a new Shock Doc for the Travel Channel about the case which inspired the film, The Exorcist.

In 1973, “The Exorcist” shocked moviegoers. Overnight, the sinister presence of satanic evil seemed frighteningly real for millions of Americans. Archival footage shows audience members frightened out of their wits – and literally out of their seats. Some in the audience ran out of the theatre; others got physically ill or couldn’t sleep for weeks. Through rare archival footage, this shock doc will feature the cultural impact of the horror movie and explore the story of Roland Doe, the chilling true story behind “The Exorcist.” And for the first time on television, an investigator will expose a shocking secret and possible cover-up in the real-life exorcist case of Roland Doe.

It’s All About Energy (What I have learned)

I noticed in my years investigating the paranormal, hauntings were easily influenced by the attitude of those relating to them. In almost all of the severe haunting cases those experiencing it were going through significant negative life events. I began to notice a direct correlation between the attitude and energy of a person with that of what I would have once called a haunted location. If you were possible to change the attitude of the haunted person you could change their negative energy output to positive and within a very short time these people would claim a reduction in negative experiences.

I would use a very easy exercise with them. I would tell them each morning when they woke to think of three things that they were grateful for. What I found is if you could get them to see the good in their lives it had a dramatic impact on the negative aspects of that same life. As the positive energy grew the negative energy declined. This said a lot about these situations we call hauntings. There are two types of hauntings 1. Haunted Person 2. Haunted Location. The Haunted Person is not actually haunted at all. These people are high energy people with vast reserves and outputs. So when one of these people is experiencing negativity it can play out in very physical way.

Haunted Locations are places which whether by natural or man made reasons are places which are not actually haunted at all. They are high energy locations which have been molded by negative or positive events throughout its history. We often see this in places where suicides have taken place. That sort of negativity leaves an imprint on a location. So when you add an high energy person with a high energy location both charge each other and in some extreme cases thought, memories, fears, anger, sadness and more can physically manifest. It is high energy transformed negatively or positively depending on person and location or both. Exorcism is nothing more than giving a person a placebo or crutch to cure what they were always capable curing themselves. Remember Dorothy tapping her heels together three times in the Wizard of Oz saying there is, “No place like home.” This is the same thing. It is no different.

Stop and think on this for a moment.

In physics and chemistry, the law of conservation of energy states that the total energy of an isolated system remains constant; it is said to be conserved over time. This law means that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it can only be transformed or transferred from one form to another.

So in fact, what the paranormal considers ghosts are actually energy transformed.  So now that question is answered, doesn’t it make much more sense to spend your time discovering ways to improve your own personal energy and seeking to understand it? If you have the power within yourself to cause negative experiences to happen, or what you thought was paranormal activity, would it not make more sense to use that same energy to have a positive impact on your person and life? It is not about ghosts, demons or monsters at all. It’s about energy. Your birth, life and death are about your energy and how it changes and transforms throughout your life and death journey. Death in fact is not an ending but a transformation as well. 

Enough of all this paranormal nonsense because the answers are not to be found there. As a matter of fact, while you are running around looking for ghosts and boogeymen there are those of us out here who have figured out the answers are within personal enlightenment. The answers you are seeking are not going to be found in all of this paranormal silliness. I spent years trying to find answers there and in the end I found for the most part the paranormal is wrong and the only truth I ever found was the truth I found within myself and the manipulation of my own energy. 

Research? Really?

It always bothers me when someone says the field of paranormal research. Field of study is something the vast majority of people do not understand and unless you are along the lines of a parapsychologist what you are doing is a hobby. Your evidence has no empirical value whatsoever to the world at large.

What a paranormal group is doing on a Saturday night is a hobby not research. Just by the sheer paying to do research at a haunted location is a contamination of evidence in itself. And those who are out there charging people to go into these locations are not researchers and are for the most part carnival barkers at best. Remember the flea circus from Jurassic Park, “Look at the fleas on the trapeze Mommy.” The fleas in this case are ghosts.

When I got involved in all of this paranormal craziness I was searching for answers to explain what happened to myself and children in the early summer of 2001. I have never found those answers. The truth is no one truly knows and no amount of evidence can explain away the unexplained. I saw this morning they are going to start giving tours and let television crews enter into one of the old houses of a family who was victimized by the supernatural. Let’s face the facts, those of us who have truly lived through something mean nothing more to the paranormal than entertainment or the possible opportunity for a Halloween special.

The paranormal taught me more about the bad side of human nature than it truly did anything else. It seemed to always bring out the worst in people. In the end it revealed a dark truth about people and very little about the supernatural.

Homophobia and the Paranormal

The worst homophobia I have experienced in my life has been within the paranormal community. I have been threatened to be outed several times during the years which I thought was funny because anyone who really knew me knew I came out at 29. I just considered my sexuality a non topic and something which was my business. Afterall, sexuality and paranormal are not something which walks hand in hand.

In those early years when Greg Myers of the PTF was trying to undermine me and take over my group the first thing he wanted to do was to out me. He said to a close friend of mine,”I think we should tell everyone Steven is gay. The paranormal world needs to know.” Like outing me would be the thing to destroy me. There was another incident around the time of the Survivor Tour when that same group of people once again tried to out me to hurt me.

It was always the first thing paranormal people would turn to attack me usually out of jealousy. Mark Farley of St. Louis Paranormal Research, you know the guy who does the Fox Tours and Lemp Tours, when I distanced myself from him he went around telling people I came onto him which I can assure you never happened.

Then there was election night of 2016 and it was a paranormal person who called me a faggot within an hour of Trump being elected. There are many more examples. Those are just a few.

Now homophobia permeates every walk of life, not just the paranormal. However, from my experience there seems to be a larger homophobic problem within the paranormal community. There are exceptions to this rule, but for overall majority even those exceptions I am sure would tell you the first thing used when they are criticized or attacked is the fact they are gay. Like that matters in some way.

June is Pride month and I am asking all of my paranormal friends to take a moment to support the LGBTQ community. Just maybe we can be a product of change and just maybe we can change a few of those who hate.


Sexual harassment and abuse happens in all walks of life. I have personally distanced myself before from people who beat their significant other and I have also distanced myself quite publicly from someone in entertainment who I know who roofied, abused, and raped a woman. I have kept it quiet for quite some time now because I never felt it was something I should tell because coming from me at this point it was just hearsay which could and would obviously be denied.

Not all sexual abuse goes reported. There is a shame and the fear of not being believed which keeps victims from coming forward. It has always bothered me that I knew of the abusive behavior of these two men and I could never stand up and say it publicly in order to prevent it from happening to someone else. The only thing you can do in the end it to distance yourself from them as much as you can and pray for those who might come in contact with them. And also pray that someday one or more of their victims will stand up and publicly tell their story.

Hopefully all of the attention which has been placed upon this very serious issue lately will cause more victims to stand up and point out their abusers and hopefully the abusers in this world will think twice from harming someone else.

The Truth Behind The Exorcist

Where did 1949 St. Louis Exorcisms of the young boy which inspired The Exorcist take place?

Father Bishop’s Diary tells us there were only three St. Louis locations where the exorcisms of the young boy took place. The diary is very specific that the suburban house, Alexian Brothers Hospital, and the Rectory of St. Xavier’s College Church were the only locations where the exorcisms were performed in St. Louis.

Keep in mind, the diary was not a document which was meant for public consumption. It was an internal document written to record history for Church eyes only. This makes the diary the most accurate historic document of the events. You may have seen other locations in books or on television, but there is no evidence to prove the existence of any other locations outside these three locations.

What is pictured here is an old picture of Alexian Brothers Hospital. In the picture you can see a cross on top of the building. The other picture is of this same cross which is now housed in the City Museum here in St. Louis. It is said during the final moments of the exorcism this cross was struck by lightning. Now a lot more occurred during those final moments, but you will have to read Confrontation with Evil for the full true story.

The problem when dealing with a case which eventually would inspire the horror classic, The Exorcist is the film itself. People who have attempted to tell this true story of the 1949 St. Louis Exorcism cannot seem to get past the shadow of the popular film. The film instead of the truth ends up dictating the story for them. In return, many important aspects of the case have been rewritten or ignored because it did not fit into the framework of their idea of the film, The Exorcist. So what you get is a fractured, exaggerated, and in many cases, an untrue telling of what actually happened to the young boy in 1949 St. Louis.

That is the reason my book is dedicated to the boy himself and the truth which up until this point has never been fully told.

Confrontation with Evil

The Real Screaming House

This is the real Screaming House. It is much different looking than the house in the show A Haunting: Fear House. I no longer live near it and I have learned through the years the further I can be from this horrible place the better I will be.
I was looking at this picture and I was thinking about a conversation I had with Theresa on those front steps many years ago. I had made the difficult decision of sharing the story with everyone. I was not looking for fame or anything like that. I was looking for closure because I felt if I could find others who had been through a like experience I just might be able to figure it out for myself and end the horrible nightmare we all were going through. It was for no other reason than that.
Later, when I reluctantly wrote the book, The Uninvited I did so because I then understood the importance of sharing the experience of this place with others who might be going through the same thing. Through the years I have turned down many people who were interested in doing a film about it. I have seen what has happened to others and I understood what is put on film will remain and define the experience. The right telling of the story just has not come along and I am not sure it ever will. Until that happens I will define the events in my own words.
The book of course has went on to become somewhat of a true horror classic. It always amazes me when I see it on lists next to The Demonologist and Amityville. People always write me to tell me how much the book scared them. The funny thing is I did not think the book was scary at all. The intent of the book was to show how this type of haunting works and how it plays on every single person around it. Writing The Uninvited and Blessed are the Wicked was a very emotional thing for me. Lots of days sitting behind the computer wiping away tears. So for me, the books are way more emotional than scary.
The original intent was to find other people like me. Through the years I have realized that there are very few people who have experienced a haunting on this level and I find that somewhat confusing and lonely at times. Helen (Linda) is now gone and I miss her more with every passing year. Not only was she one of the only people who truly understood what we went through, she was also one of the best friends I ever had in my life. I miss her.
Anyway, I thought I would share this picture with you and if you are ever interested in reading the real story behind the case I would suggest reading The Uninvited and Blessed are the Wicked. The TV show was great but it left a lot unsaid.

The Secret Behind The Exorcist Case Revealed

If you have read Confrontation with Evil about the case which inspired The Exorcist you will know what this is a picture of. Give you a hint it is a hallway described at the end of the book. What resided behind those double doors at the end of the hall has been one of the most kept secrets in paranormal history.

Read the book which was featured in The New York Post and The Sun. It has been called the definitive book on the 1949 possession case which inspired The Exorcist.

A Boy is not a Monster: The True Life Story of The Exorcist

In 1949 a young boy came to St. Louis, Missouri experiencing unexplained behavior and disturbances. What followed was an event which went on to inspire the blockbuster book and film The Exorcist.

A lot has been shared through the years about what happened to the 13 year old boy known originally as Roland Doe. Much of what has been written and shared about his experience are the things nightmares and urban legends are made of. But what really happened to Roland Doe?

The most important thing I can tell you is to separate the true story from the fictional telling in William Peter Blatty’s book and film. This was not a monster. This was a boy who was going through something not only unexplainable but profound. He was not the head spinning demon which was so graphically depicted in the film The Exorcist. There is a very human side to this story which has been ignored and quite frankly exaggerated. For years this young boy has been demonized through book, film, and documentary.

My new book Confrontation with Evil tells a very different and complete telling of the events of 1949. This was a boy like any other boy who was going through extraordinary events. At times, it seemed everyone who should have been there to help him let him down in one way or another, including his own mother. This is not a horror story, but a very human story about a boy and the man who would sacrifice his own well being to save him. The best and the worst in humanity is the actual star of this true story and not the focus which has been placed upon the demonic or the devil.

After years of research into this case, I have told what Fox News calls, “The definitive book on the true story which inspired The Exorcist.” I wrote this book for Roland and those who struggled to help him. I also wrote the book for the city of St. Louis. Yes, St. Louis is where the devil played, but St. Louis was also where the devil was defeated.

Read, Confrontation with Evil today and see why people are raving about this book around the world. This book is dedicated to Roland Doe, wherever he may be today, this is for you because it is clear that you were a victim in many different ways. My thanks, my prayers, and my gratitude will always be with you—in this life and in the next.

Get your copy of Confrontation with Evil today.


CRAZY A Prayer for the Dead

What is hell and more importantly, how easy is it to end up spending your eternity there?

This was a question which kept going through my mind back in 2012. The idea of the fire and brimstone hell from the bible never sat well with me. What if hell were not an actual place at all? What if hell was the end result of our actions from the lives we are currently living? The idea of a self inflicted hell began haunting me in 2006 when I was called in to investigate a haunted truck stop and diner on old Route 66.

Crazy, A Prayer for the Dead, surrounds a group of misfits who find themselves stuck in their own version of Hell within an old truck stop on Route 66. Years later, paranormal investigators are brought to the location and end up uncovering the truth and horror of the souls damned within.

The book is based upon and inspired by this  actual paranormal case which I led back in 2006. The book weaves the one night of horror and its aftermath using historical fact, police reports, urban legend, actual psychic impressions and findings from the real life paranormal investigation. When put together, these elements profile a story which will terrify and haunt you long after you put it down. This is one you don’t want to read in the dark alone. Sound crazy? Well maybe it is not that crazy after all.

This will always be one of the my favorite and scariest books I have written. In the end I learned what we do to others in this life does, and will, affect what happens to us in the afterlife. Hell is truly other people.

Read Crazy A Prayer for the Dead today.