When I see the word blog it has always scared me a little. You see the word, BLOG whereas I see the word, BLOB or BLAH. It is not because I do not like the idea of blogging and the sharing of ideas. If that were the case, I would not be an author at all. It is the idea of the commitment a blog requires and takes to maintain. The idea of having enough content and will I have enough to say or share with you. Quite frankly that scares the living hell out of me.

All of my social media friends I know at this moment will be taking a huge sigh of relief because now they will not have to read paragraphs upon paragraphs from me on everything from politics, gay rights, the supernatural, and anything else which might strike me at any given moment. They say I do not understand the idea of acceptable social media lengths of posting. Twitter limits the amount of words precisely due to long winded writers like myself. Facebook and TUMBLR on the other hand have not been as wise and it shows at times when I really get on a roll. Well it actually shows a lot. A day does not go by where I start something with one sentence and it turns into a hundred. I always find myself saying during these daily infractions, “Just one more thought to share before I am done.”

Even through my fear of blog commitment is very real and does exist, the time has finally come for me to take the blogging plunge. So here it is, THE BLOG.  You are not always going to agree with what I say here, but I always promise to share the truth about my thoughts and what I might be feeling from this moment to the next. In some ways, I feel like I just might be participating in the recording of history. Surely it is the bloggers in this world who are now the ones documenting the thoughts, events, and actions of the times.

So yes I am ready to take the blog plunge. Here we go. I hope you enjoy it.


The Exorcism of Roland Doe

I was very excited and honored to be included in the upcoming Shock Docs, The Exorcism of Roland Doe. The research I did for my book about the 1949 Saint Louis Exorcism, Confrontation with Evil, was some of the scariest and most challenging investigative research I have completed. My book is a complete and very different take on the events than many of the other books and films on the subject. So when I was asked to interview for part of the upcoming show how could I not come out of retirement to participate in it? How could I say no? I have turned down many projects over the past few years but this was one project I just had to do. Very excited to see the final product. I hear it is a very scary watch. So tune in to Discovery+ beginning on February 5 to see, Shock Docs: The Exorcism of Roland Doe.


A Holiday Thought and Blessing 2020

A Holiday Thought and Blessing 2020

I have been kicking thoughts around in my head over and over the past few days. I am trying to write a short story every Christmas for my grandkids. However this year a story is not coming to me.  Sleepless nights and feverish dreams have not let me rest much. I know I am not the only one feeling the grief, angst and pain from the lack of normality in our lives and the missing traditions we are being forced to avoid during this holiday season. Let’s face it, the world has not had a holiday season so seemingly bleak since the times of war and depression. I have been reading and watching all of you. I have been seeing the grief that so many of you are feeling in so many ways. I know some of you are hungry. I also know some of you have no idea where your next mortgage payment is going to come from or how those bills are going to get paid. I have seen you and I have heard you.

This year has been hard on us here in many ways as well. I do not think I have ever been so homesick before in my life. However, during this difficult time in the world, I must admit and continually remind myself that we are much better situated than many others dealing with this crisis in the world. I know what my blessings are and I am grateful for them every single day. But I wanted you to know there were not always holiday years where I could have told you I was blessed. Not blessed in the traditional ways people think of blessings. There were some very hard years as a single parent when I was broke and I was so tired from working two jobs at times. Many times I would leave at 7am and not return until after 11pm.  I was working every single day from early in the morning until very late at night. There were those rough years when I would wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat because I sincerely did not know how I was going provide Christmas for my three children. Seemed to me there was so much more pressure on me being a single parent in order to complete everything for a perpetual holiday that did not wait for me. There were times when it all seemed impossible and insurmountable.

I remember one year in particular when I had just started a new job in December. An awful job where I was taking and selling portraits for church directories. It was a total commission job with expenses that I was required to supply up front which compounded problems upon problems. One of those really no-win types of situations.  Well, after working every single day and putting out money for an entire month, my first checks kept getting forgotten by payroll department or lost in a never arriving Fed-Ex delivery. Week after week and day after day I got closer to Christmas and each day there was no check for me to care for my family. It was really one of the worst financial times I can remember in my life. Each night I would have the same dream over and over again.  I would dream of Christmas morning and seeing the faces of my children crying when they realized there was not going to be no presents and Santa Claus did not come. It was seriously enough to cause a near complete breakdown. Now understand, I was lucky because I did have a great safety net. My parents helped me whenever they could and it is hard to ask for help with Christmas gifts when you are already asking help for food, utilities and gas to get back and forth to work due to a nightmare situation out of your control. I think that was the worst part of it all. I had absolutely no control of what was happening to us. It was out of my hands completely. The only thing I could possibly do was to ride it out and pray.

Well Christmas came closer and closer. Finally on December 23 I was paid what I was due. I cannot tell the relief I felt with that check in my hand. However after catching up with bills and food there was not much left to buy presents for my three children. We are talking less than a hundred dollars. I had like twenty-five dollars for each child. I really had no idea how I was going to pull it off. I remember driving around trying to decide where I should go to even try. I knew I had one shot to get it right and very little time. I looked up at a stoplight and I saw a Toys-R-Us sign ahead of me. I pulled into the parking lot with a huge sigh thinking I was not going to be able do much, but I was going to give it a try. To my surprise when I walked into the store they were having a huge pre Christmas clearance sale. I mean a huge sale. Everything in the entire store was on sale at prices of 75% off or more. I made quite the haul with what little money I had to spend. You would have thought I had spent hundreds of dollars. As a matter of fact, that was the year I bought a five-dollar Jurassic dinosaur puppet that I know my son Eli still treasures today. It was truly one of his favorite presents ever. He actually screamed when he opened it on that Christmas morning.

The kids would tell you it was one of the best holidays they ever had and I would have to tell you it was nothing short of a miracle. I am not sure to this day they know the difficulty of that year. I believed in letting kids be kids and they rarely knew when the times were not good. You know, I never talk about the charity I give but I will tell you that there was not a year that went by after that I did not help another family in some way or another. I know what it is like to struggle and I know how sometimes the simplest thing can be the miracle you are looking for. I really do believe prayers were answered that year.

This year the holidays are hard for a whole different set of reasons. It seems our family has never been further apart on a holiday than it is right now. We are doing our best to make the most of it, but we all know it is not the same. I see my friends who have lost so many loved ones this year and it hard to watch them go through the pain of their first Christmas without someone they love. I understand that pain and I have gone through it a few times throughout my life. There is absolutely nothing you can say to them to make them feel any better. You can offer a hug and let them you understand, but in truth there is nothing you can do to make that loss feel any less. I hate the pressure of the holidays because I think it puts people through so much stress and angst that in some ways it is completely unnecessary. If you think about it, for most people this year the holidays are not something anyone really feels like celebrating. So what do you do?

You roll with it. It really boils down to being as simple as that. You go with the flow. You do your best. You let the day come and go. You understand that even though that one day might not be exactly the way you want it, with Gods grace, the next day will come and you can move on and put it behind you. You get through it as painlessly and without guilt as possible.

We are planning a simple day here at home with some food and some movies. Nothing spectacular. Sure, I would give anything to be with my grandson on his first Christmas and my granddaughters who have expressed over and over that they wish their grandfathers were there with them. It’s hard because I watch my parents struggle with the need to be close to the kids while also dealing with the reality of a virus that could take their life if they were to catch it.

This year is a hard one. I know. I have to tell being a heart patient I am grateful for every single holiday I am given. The morbid inevitable thought is always in the back of your mind that this just might be my last living Christmas. I know how morbid that sounds, but even in its morbidity it speaks a whole lot of truth for each of us. Let’s face it, I have spent more than a few “last” Christmases with family members and friends. Any single one of us could be gone in a heartbeat. This could be any of our last holiday seasons on this ear. I think that is one of the reasons we place such an importance on these special days like these.

Special days are special because they are not plentiful. They are rare occasions that remind us the importance of togetherness. It is celebration of our shared human condition. In the nostalgia of these moments we see our history and remember the good and the bad things which life has to offer. I just shared a very hard holiday memory with you I had experienced. The point is, whether I want to look on it favorable or unfavorable does not matter because it is a memory and that memory is sewn into the fabric of the history of my life and the history and lives of my family. Am I making sense? I am telling you that you have a choice here on how you are going to let this holiday define your history.

What happens over the next few days will be part of who you are and how you will be remembered. The holidays and birthdays are always the things that we remember. The mundane average days are the ones usually forgotten. Think about what you did on the first Tuesday in November? I am waiting. Now think what you did last Christmas? See the point? Sure, it is not going to be perfect. It is going to be far from perfect. It is going to be hard and I promise you there are going to be profoundly sad moments that are going to hit way too close to home. The point is you to need to prepare yourself for a holiday that is going to be like none other most of us have ever experienced. The important thing to remember the day will come and go but it will remain as a memory that will have effects and made memories. Eli still has that five-dollar dinosaur puppet from when he was a child, one of his most valuable possessions. It is a memory which I gave him from that holiday years ago when I had so very little to give. It does not take a whole lot to make a memory. Holiday memories are made from simple things. Memories do not require we spend a ton of cash on extravagance. Most of the times the best memories come from just being present in the moment. The moment will take on a life of its own. The holidays are not about things they are about moments. Just be present for those moments and the memories they will make.

This year will pass and next year will be different and hopefully somewhat back to normal. Next year will be a time for gatherings, church services, parties and huge celebrations. God willing, I will be here to celebrate alongside with the rest of the world. Next year we will have something really special celebrate.

I hope this helps some of you who are struggling. I know I am having a hard time with it all. My wish for you this year is some semblance of peace even if it is just for a brief moment or two. I hope you will come out of this dark time with one memory you will hold dear to your heart, much like the year when I saw a little boy scream in joy when he opened a five-dollar dinosaur puppet.

God bless you and your families now and in the coming year.

Pseudo Spiritualism

You know I have spent many years studying and researching questions of the spirit and spirituality. During those years I have seen things you could not even imagine and I have also experienced things I still do not have an explanation for. However, I have also gotten very good at seeing the forest through the trees. You could say I have almost gained a sixth sense when it comes to differentiating real spiritual experiences verses what I call pseudo-events or more often than not psuedo-spirituality. It actually drives me crazy when I see people falling for fallacies, actions, and lies which literally have no basis in spirituality.

We live about an hour away from what I consider the upcoming capital of false spiritualism in the world. I see people get sucked into the idea that they are expanding their consciousness and most of the time what I see is they are being lead by someone named Bevakooph who use to be named Bob or Jason from Canada until they realized they could make money by selling false spirituality to the guillible millennials who think they have found nirvana by dancing in the jungle while high. These people they are following are not Gurus. It’s a party being peddled by charlatans as an awakening.

Folks we have seen all of this before. The Spiritual Movement and the New Age movement were both full of false prophets and gurus leading the herds of those searching for more. Many of them did not find the awakening of their spirits. Many found the emptying of their ATM’s. In cases, such as group like the Heavens Gate, people even lost their lives.

Time and time again I hear about the antics of this place in the jungle. I hear how it is being marketed and peddled to those who are reaching that point in their lives when they are looking for something more. It is understandable when you reach a certain age. I get that. There is also a lot to be said about growth and learning. We should attempt to expand our horizons.

Here is a word of advice. Spirituality is not found in places or things. Spirituality is something you find from within. You control your energy from within yourself and how that energy reacts to the energy from the world around you is completely up to you and your state of mind. Licking a psychedelic frog and listening to EDM music in the jungle might make you think you have found the answers to life, but the truth is you are probably deceiving yourself. This is not the same as the Native American tribes who practice the Peyote ceremony. I have a friend who is a Road Woman who would explain the vast differences in these things.

I see these young adults go into the jungle looking happy and healthy. A few months later we see them come out of the jungle looking tired, strung out, spent and aged way beyond their years. True spirituality does not age you. True spirituality lifts you up, invigorates you and your life. Don’t follow the false crowd with their drums, gongs, music, drugs and more. If it feels like a party it is a party and not a ceremony. I promise you that. They are selling a lie.

Being a Jungle Hippie is a fad which holds very little spiritual value or truth. If that is what you want then by all means lick a frog and dance to your hearts content. Just do not try to convince me it is you getting in touch with your spirit and your energy because you would be talking to someone who knows better.

A Few Thoughts..

I have a few thoughts I want to share with you and I have waited until this moment to do it. Up until 2016 I never really shared my political views publicly. For me, my political choice was a personal choice. It is true I had worked on political campaigns. It is also true that I also worked as a producer for what was a very conservative political show. However my personal choice I believed was along the lines of Walter Cronkite. The idea that a broadcaster had the obligation to report the news not be part of the news. I believed that then and I still believe that now even in the age of partisan reporting.

So what changed? Why in 2016 did I come out of the box so strongly against Donald Trump? I did it because I believed it was not a political choice and still don’t. For me it was about right and wrong. It was about morality. The truth is politically I am very moderate in some ways and could be conservative in others. This was personal and the idea that when history looks back unfavorably at Donald Trump, and it will, I will be able to tell my grandchildren I stood for the right things. I felt strongly about that then and I feel strongly about that now. It was never about Democrat or Republican for me. As a matter of fact, I have many family members and friends who are Republican. I still do.

What did it cost me for standing up for my beliefs? One of the first thing which happened were the Trump supporters who immediately attacked and I lost a whole lot of readers of my books. I was actually told numerous times to stop talking badly about Trump or I would lose sales. My response would be to bring it on. Secondly, I lost a lot of people who I considered friends and I lost family members as well. I learned what it was like to be on the receiving of hate once again. Being gay I know what hate feels like. The first thing every single attack would begin with was calling me a derogatory name about me, my husband and my family. These things were almost immediate and continue to this day. The hate mail I receive you would not believe how vile they could be. I have a family member who to this day sends me anonymous hate mail and I know this because I tracked the messages to the exact location they were coming from. This is not an exaggeration.

So the choice to come out against Trumpism did have its losses but I could lay my head on my pillow at night knowing I was doing what I believed was the right thing to do. I still do. I also still believe I was standing on the right side of history. I sincerely do not care what your party affiliation is. I really don’t. What I do care about was how you treat others. This was never about politics for me. This was about living in a world where we could continue making the steps to live equally and lovingly. You know everything is somehow connected to this idea of loving each other. A world where we separate and discriminate others and put children in cages was a world I do not want to live in and one I would never want to live in.

Like you, I don’t have the answers to everything. And I am not naive to think that one election is going to cure all of the problems which were uncovered by Trumpism. But just maybe the uncovering of those problems and inequalities will help us begin to heal. We have seen what the other option is and hate is never the answer. Hopefully now I can go back into my box and keep most of my political thoughts to myself. However, politics does not equal fighting against discrimination and hate. That is the difference between right and wrong. That battle continues.

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The Exorcism of Roland Doe

I am in a new Shock Doc for the Travel Channel about the case which inspired the film, The Exorcist.

THE EXORCISM OF ROLAND DOE (Two-Hour Shock Docs Special)

UPDATE: No Exorcism of Roland Doe tonight October 27, but this is not bad news. The network saw the shows and were very excited about them and wanted to give them great promotion. So stay tuned for the premiere dates. This is exciting news but the downside we have to wait a bit longer to see them. I am very excited and proud of my participation in the Exorcism of Roland Doe. So we have to wait a little bit longer but this is good news because they are going to make the premiere a bigger event. Stay tuned.

Here is the surprise I have been sitting on since May. I am in a new Shock Doc for the Travel Channel about the case which inspired the film, The Exorcist.

In 1973, “The Exorcist” shocked moviegoers. Overnight, the sinister presence of satanic evil seemed frighteningly real for millions of Americans. Archival footage shows audience members frightened out of their wits – and literally out of their seats. Some in the audience ran out of the theatre; others got physically ill or couldn’t sleep for weeks. Through rare archival footage, this shock doc will feature the cultural impact of the horror movie and explore the story of Roland Doe, the chilling true story behind “The Exorcist.” And for the first time on television, an investigator will expose a shocking secret and possible cover-up in the real-life exorcist case of Roland Doe.

Lesser of Two Evils

Recently I have seen a lot of people from all over the world having trouble seeing the seriousness in this pandemic. All they see is the money they are losing from not working and quite honestly when you are facing going hungry, no power or water, let alone keeping a roof over your head it becomes hard to wrap your mind around this being as serious as it really is.

These people are not stupid. These people are not being uncaring. These people are not putting their heads in the sand. These people are truly scared and in their minds they are weighing what is best for them and their family. In many cases, it is a lesser of two evils for them. I am hungry, I am thirsty, I am cold, I am in the dark and I have no shelter are very powerful and valid survival instinct type worries.

What I am trying to say to you is be a little more understanding of your neighbors situation and just maybe stop being a little too quick to judge. Give a little more thought how to help those who are in and are going to be in serious need because of this pandemic.

If anything living through very hard times taught me in this life was that you cannot judge your neighbor unless you have walked in their shoes.

Honest Spirituality

I am human. I get worried, frightened, and scared just like anyone else. Believing in a positive way of living is what I believe but I also believe in sharing true and honest feelings when clearly everyone is going through a shared experience. I believe in taking the time to let those you are close to that you are feeling vulnerable.

It is called sharing and often when you share these things it helps you not only to deal with your feelings but also the feelings someone else might be having as well. This is not being negative at all because believe it or not the world is not always going to be Skittles and rainbows.

Part of living is getting bloodied up. Part of living is sharing the whole experience with each other, not just the happy times. It is in the darker times of my life where I have learned the most about myself and those are the times which have molded me into the person I am today. I do believe in the power and resiliency of the spirit. I have seen it work in the most amazing ways. I do also believe in being a positive but realistic and an honest influence in this world.

I think is a huge disservice to people when you hear supposed enlightened people say not to share negative thoughts or feelings. Just keep those feeling and thoughts to yourself because we cannot all continue to sing kumbaya with a buzz kill. I think that is not only unhealthy but unrealistic and a detrimental message. A shared experience is an opportunity for a learning experience. A mature healthy enlightened adult shares with others all aspects of living and all aspects of the spirit.

I believe we should strive to live as positively as possible but to push down, hide or ignore those feelings of fear, sadness and worry is not healthy and not living in a positive way at all either. To be spiritually healthy is to understand you have to deal with all of the baggage and it cannot be hidden and pushed away from others because that is a quick way to be attacked by negativity, evil, or demons or whatever you would prefer to call it. Your spirit cannot live and grow in the light if you remain hiding in the dark, It just does not work that way. Being enlightened means understanding all aspects of living and how to deal with all aspects to be not only for us to be a light in this world but also a realistic and trustworthy voice as well.

If you go looking for demons in this world you will find them and they will tear your life apart. If you go looking for angels your life will be enlightened and blessed. However, this does not mean to ignore the lessons life is putting before you and hide them behind a false smile because in that case you are just lying to yourself and the world at large. This harms not only your spirit but the collective spirit we all share as well. The spirit gives us warning signs which should be dealt with and not ignored. We are living in a time of spiritual warning. 

It’s All About Energy (What I have learned)

I noticed in my years investigating the paranormal, hauntings were easily influenced by the attitude of those relating to them. In almost all of the severe haunting cases those experiencing it were going through significant negative life events. I began to notice a direct correlation between the attitude and energy of a person with that of what I would have once called a haunted location. If you were possible to change the attitude of the haunted person you could change their negative energy output to positive and within a very short time these people would claim a reduction in negative experiences.

I would use a very easy exercise with them. I would tell them each morning when they woke to think of three things that they were grateful for. What I found is if you could get them to see the good in their lives it had a dramatic impact on the negative aspects of that same life. As the positive energy grew the negative energy declined. This said a lot about these situations we call hauntings. There are two types of hauntings 1. Haunted Person 2. Haunted Location. The Haunted Person is not actually haunted at all. These people are high energy people with vast reserves and outputs. So when one of these people is experiencing negativity it can play out in very physical way.

Haunted Locations are places which whether by natural or man made reasons are places which are not actually haunted at all. They are high energy locations which have been molded by negative or positive events throughout its history. We often see this in places where suicides have taken place. That sort of negativity leaves an imprint on a location. So when you add an high energy person with a high energy location both charge each other and in some extreme cases thought, memories, fears, anger, sadness and more can physically manifest. It is high energy transformed negatively or positively depending on person and location or both. Exorcism is nothing more than giving a person a placebo or crutch to cure what they were always capable curing themselves. Remember Dorothy tapping her heels together three times in the Wizard of Oz saying there is, “No place like home.” This is the same thing. It is no different.

Stop and think on this for a moment.

In physics and chemistry, the law of conservation of energy states that the total energy of an isolated system remains constant; it is said to be conserved over time. This law means that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it can only be transformed or transferred from one form to another.

So in fact, what the paranormal considers ghosts are actually energy transformed.  So now that question is answered, doesn’t it make much more sense to spend your time discovering ways to improve your own personal energy and seeking to understand it? If you have the power within yourself to cause negative experiences to happen, or what you thought was paranormal activity, would it not make more sense to use that same energy to have a positive impact on your person and life? It is not about ghosts, demons or monsters at all. It’s about energy. Your birth, life and death are about your energy and how it changes and transforms throughout your life and death journey. Death in fact is not an ending but a transformation as well. 

Enough of all this paranormal nonsense because the answers are not to be found there. As a matter of fact, while you are running around looking for ghosts and boogeymen there are those of us out here who have figured out the answers are within personal enlightenment. The answers you are seeking are not going to be found in all of this paranormal silliness. I spent years trying to find answers there and in the end I found for the most part the paranormal is wrong and the only truth I ever found was the truth I found within myself and the manipulation of my own energy. 

Born This Way

I have always been gay. Looking back at my childhood I can see those moments which clearly stand out. I can look at myself as a child and know that being gay was not something I ever chose to be. It was something I just was. The only choice it seems I made in life was when I chose to follow a straight life and completely deny the person I truly was. That was a seriously bad choice. It was the worst choice and the wrong choice, which almost destroyed me completely.

I was talking to a family member recently who I had not spoken to in a very long time. They told me although they did not approve of the choice I have made in my life they were glad to see me happy. Once again from someone the ugly word “choice” reared its ugly head and even though this family member had the best of intentions it still stung with the fact they had no clue or understanding what they had just said or the person I truly was.

I think about my early years. I could have fallen into every single gay stereotype you could imagine. The Wizard of Oz was hands down my favorite film and I cried the day my sister told me Judy Garland was dead. At five years old I was a huge fan of the non-intentional campy film The Valley of Dolls. In my opinion, what five year did not want to grow up like the tragic Patty Duke character Nealy O’Hara? Hey let’s remember she was living with that hottie Ted Casablanca. I wanted desperately to be a Jet and dance through the streets of New York just like in West Side story. You could often find me dancing in front of my house replaying scenes and musical numbers.  I knew the complete Streisand songbook by heart and would sing it completely if provoked. And most of all I had a huge attraction to Tom Jones and the Greatest American Hero. Yes I was a weird kid. A very weird kid but I was also gay even before I knew anything about sex or sexuality. I just was.

Times have changed and growing up gay is much different than in the seventies and eighties. There is much more acceptance now than ever before even though the world as a whole has a long way to go. So why do we have to still hear heterosexual people tell us they either approve or disapprove of what they believe is our choice? It is a ridiculous statement considering we never in return stated the obvious if I chose to be gay then they must have chosen to be straight. Of course that is ridiculous statement. It is ridiculous no matter who you are. So why do straight people like to parade it out constantly? Is it a fear that if it is not a choice a family member or even their own child could be gay? Is it their way of handling their own prejudice and behavior concerning gay people? Does it make them feel superior or more Christian to state and believe it is a choice? Is it guilt? I think it must be a combination of all these things and more. In some way it is being supportive without truly having to say I give you my support for being a homosexual and I understand it is a completely normal way of being. It almost an easy way out so no one ever will point a finger at them concerning their own sexuality. Like I told someone years ago,”Sexuality is not black or white. Sexuality is a series of grays.”

For most of us being gay is something we did not choose. It was not something we became because it is fashionable. It is not something we chose to rebel against societal norms. It is not something we became in order to hurt family members or to cause them shame. It is just how we were created. It is in every fiber of who we are as people. The damage comes when you make the serious mistake of telling someone they can choose to be or not to be gay because that is a complete lie. It is a lie which often leads to unhappiness and suicide for those who believe they can choose and try to hide their true self. What do you think conversion therapy is all about?

So please be supportive and please never say to a gay person that you support their choice. Believe me when I tell you that is was not a choice for us in the same way it was not a choice for you to be straight. We were born this way and so were you.

The Proper Way to Explain Hate to a Child

What do you tell a child who might be experiencing hate at the hands of others in this life? Tell your child the meaning of life is loving. It does not matter who you love, or what they look like or even what sex they are. People who hate them are hating something within themselves and trust me it has nothing to do with those of us they hate.

Sometimes they are gay and frightened themselves. Sometimes they are jealous of something we might have. Sometimes they just hate themselves so much that they have to find someone else to project it upon. Same goes for the racists and the homophobes in this world.

We are never going to cure stupid in this life but we can live our best lives in the most amazing ways and trust me when I tell you that is exactly what drives them crazy. Why? Because we just do not care what they think anymore other than you cannot fix stupid. You don’t have time for stupid when you are living authentically and happy.

That is the proper way to explain hate to a child.